Motorcycle Custom brake hoses

northwest motorcycles custom brake hoses

Here at Northwest motorcycles one of the many services we can do is supply and fit custom braided brake hoses.  These hoses can be in the colour or specification of your liking.

One of the main benefits of custom brake hoses is that they can provide a firmer, more responsive brake feel. This is because they have less expansion under pressure, resulting in less “mushiness” in the brake lever. Additionally, custom hoses can help to eliminate brake fade, a phenomenon where the brake fluid boils due to high temperatures and causes a loss of braking performance. This is particularly useful for riders who frequently push their bikes to the limits on the track.

In addition to improved performance, custom brake hoses can also add a touch of style to your motorcycle. Here at Northwest motorcycles we offer a range of colors and finishes to choose from, allowing you to match or contrast with your bike’s existing color scheme.

Please give one of our technicians a call for any more info.