Motorcycle Brake Fluid Maintenance

Welcome to Northwest Motorcycles! As motorcycle enthusiasts, we know that regular maintenance & servicing is critical to keeping your bike running smoothly and safely. One essential aspect of motorcycle maintenance is brake fluid.

What is Motorcycle Brake Fluid?

Motorcycle brake fluid is a specialised hydraulic fluid that is used in the hydraulic braking systems of motorcycles. It is a crucial component of your bike’s braking system, responsible for transmitting force from the brake lever or pedal to the brake calipers, which then apply pressure to the brake pads, slowing or stopping your motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Brake Fluid

There are two primary types of brake fluid used in motorcycles: DOT (Department of Transportation) and mineral oil. DOT brake fluids are further classified into DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5, and DOT 5.1, with each having different boiling points and viscosity ratings. DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids are commonly used in most motorcycles, while DOT 5 is usually found in high-performance or racing bikes.

Motorcycle Brake Fluid Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle brake fluid is critical to ensuring the safe and reliable operation of your bike’s braking system. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture, which can lead to a decrease in its boiling point and cause the brakes to become less effective. Therefore, it is essential to check your brake fluid regularly and replace it every two years or as recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer.

Signs of Brake Fluid Problems

If you notice a soft or spongy feeling in the brake lever or pedal, a loss of brake fluid, or a decrease in brake performance, it may be a sign that your brake fluid needs to be replaced, or there is a problem with the brake system. In such cases, it is best to take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic for a diagnosis and repair.

Brake Fluid Handling

When handling brake fluid, it is essential to wear protective gloves and avoid getting it on your skin or clothing. Brake fluid is corrosive and can damage paint, so be careful not to spill it on your motorcycle.

Bleeding the Brake System

To maintain your bike’s brake system performance, it is important to regularly bleed the brake system to remove any air bubbles or contaminants that may have entered the system. If you are not comfortable performing brake fluid maintenance yourself, it is recommended that you take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic.

In conclusion, motorcycle brake fluid is a critical component of your bike’s braking system, and regular maintenance is essential for your safety and your bike’s reliable operation. At Northwest Motorcycles, we provide brake fluid maintenance services as part of our comprehensive motorcycle maintenance services. Bring your bike to us, and we will take care of all your motorcycle maintenance needs!